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ABOUT  David Jeyaraj, M.D.
Dr Jeyaraj is board certified in Internal Medicine and has been in practice for 14 years. When he faced a personal health crisis, he at first turned to conventional medicine. He exercised, ate right, took his medications regularly. His medical conditions were controlled at a cost. The cost was feeling tired and achy all the time, poor quality of sleep, decreased libido and depression. After doing some research, he enrolled in an age management program as a patient and followed the program. The results were gratifying. In just 2 short weeks, his energy came back to the level in his 20s. His other symptoms disappeared too. He takes less than a quarter of the number of medications he used to.
This was an epiphany. If this program worked for him, it would work for countless others who feel as he once did. So, he transitioned from conventional medicine to full time age management medicine .
Dr Jeyaraj is certified in age management by Cengenics Institute, Las Vegas and is a member of the Age Management Medicine Group.